Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introduction to "To Remember"

Recently I have been wanting to write more. And seriously, since I've started doing it, I've felt really good. The more I write, (music and/or stories) the better I feel. Like some of you know, I've been writing music -- there are currently about 10 or 11 songs in various stages of production. But for a while there, I couldn't come up with any new music. That changed last week. Phew!

I've also worked on a short movie and I currently have 2 ideas in development for short documentaries like "Don't Drink The Water (A Short Film)." I've also started to write a short story currently called "To Remember". The title might change once the story is finished.

So I wanted to give you an introduction on how I plan to write the short story. Here's how it's going to work: every time I finish two parts, I'll post the first one on this blog. For example, when I finish part two, I'll post part one. When I finish part three, I'll post part two and so on. Now, since I have a full-time job, a part-time music studio, and part-time everything else, don't expect all parts to be done in a week. So please keep visiting the blog for updates.

Also, if possible, please post your comments on the blog. Your comments might affect the future parts of the story. I guess that's it for now. Cheers!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making the Short Film

Well, the movie has been a hit. So for the 3 of you that watched it, here's some behind-the-scenes information.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Nueva Rosita, a small town in the state of Coahuila in Mexico. Coahuila is located south of Texas, and the town of Nueva Rosita is located about 2 hours from Eagle Pass TX/ Piedras Negras border. Nueva Rosita was once an important coal mining city, today, not so much.

During my visit I would pick up my video camera and shoot different things, many which have become small video snippets on
YouTube. On one particular day, my cousin asked if I'd join him to go get water as they were running out. With camera in hand I started shooting his bi-weekly routine. Not knowing that I would be making a movie, I kept things simple. Most of the stuff I shot was filmed as the action was happening. There was only a few shots were I gave my cousin any direction.

When I got back to the US, I worked on some of those video snippets to test out effects and to test out my editing software. After 5 or 6 videos, I stumbled upon the footage of my cousin getting the water. At first, I wasn't sure what to do with it, it was just random footage of a person getting water so at one point I considered not doing anything with that footage. Then I did a search for information on water resources in Mexico. I found an article, its headline read "Mexico is currently 2nd place in bottled water consumption." Immediately I incorporated that statement as the first scene on the movie, and the rest just worked itself out.

I feel there's a good combination between the dialog-less scenes and the words on black background, it feels like a contemporary silent movie. I know that doesn't make sense, but think of a silent Charlie Chaplin movie if it was shot today. The music, written by Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias, provided the right feeling for the movie, a combination of dramatic and melancholic themes. The information on the article and the music drove the editing of the movie. Before editing the shots were long and few. I used quick cuts or edits to separate long shots, and I think that worked quite well. I've learned over the years, by listening to DVD commentaries (yes, I'm a DVD geek) that, less is more. So I tried to get to the main point of the scene fast and then move on to the next scene. Finally I did a freeze frame on the last frame of the movie to have the viewer cogitate or ponder on the movie while the credits rolled. The music here, created a better mood that I could have imagined. A long fade ends the movie. While the fade keeps on going, the music, along with ambient sounds taken from the movie, are layered on the soundtrack. This created an organic mood and helped the viewer cogitate on the movie.

That's my take on it. What's yours? What do you feel about the movie, what could have been better, what could have been taken out? Help me make better movies, please leave a comment.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Drink The Water (A Short Film)

Recently I shot this movie while in Mexico. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

[Title goes here]

I have officially diagnosed myself with writer's block, musically speaking. Nothing is coming out, maybe an idea here and there but nothing worth pursuing. I either need to commit to it and go through these moments of failure or give it up for good. I guess I'm just frustrated because I've been working on a song for two days. Some people take years to complete a song, but I'm just frustrated because although I've worked on songs for months, I just can't do anything with this particular one. Maybe I should just throw it away and move on. But what if the same thing happens with the other songs? I hope not. Who's reading this blog anyway?


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Things to do for your Birthday

1. Take time off from work. Check
2. Watch multiple episodes of "The Office" late at night. Check
3. Make some sushi. Check
4. Go shopping. Check
5. Get a No. 2 haircut all over...your head. Check
6. Make some more sushi. Check
7. Write a new post on your blog. Check

Of all these things, you might regret #5 if: a) you're a female or b) you just had a hair transplant.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

The New Blog

Hi guys, long time no write. Here's my new blog, I'll try to give you at least a weekly update on whatever is that I'm doing. Thanks for dropping by!

PS. Please check out the songs on my music player.